Shipping Policy?

At Senpai Productionz, we strive to ensure your orders reach you in a timely manner. However, it's crucial to note that our mentioned delivery times are only Estimates and not guarantees. Our delivery estimates are always counted in business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Once the packages are sent to our shipping provider,
arrival times are out of our control and in the hands of the shipping service
that has been selected.

We kindly request that customers double-check all shipping details, as Senpai Productionz cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • Incorrect addresses provided by customers
  • Damage inflicted upon the order by the postal service
  • Difficulties associated with PO box deliveries.
  • Packages that are stolen post-delivery.

For an optimal delivery experience, we encourage our customers to ensure the accuracy of their delivery details and to choose a secure location for receiving packages.

How Long Does It Take to fulfil my order

All Items are made to order. We prioritize orders based on the sequence of received payments. For apparel items displayed in our store, the turnaround time is typically 1-2 weeks. The turnaround time for all other order depends upon the complexity of your order.

What Is The Process Of Custom Orders?

Step 1: Initial Inquiry
Customers interested in our custom apparel services should begin by filling out our Service Request Form. This form will ask for necessary details such as contact information, the type of service they're interested in (embroidery or heat press), and a brief description of their desired design.

Step 2: Processing the Request
Upon receiving the service request form, we will take 1-2 business days to evaluate the request, calculate the cost, and prepare a detailed quote. The quote will include the cost of labor, materials, shipping, and any other additional costs.

Step 3: Communication and Agreement
Once the quote is prepared, we will reach out to the customer via email to present our proposal. If the customer agrees with the quote, they will need to pay the total cost upfront. This ensures we can reserve the necessary resources and materials to deliver their custom apparel.

Step 4: Garment and Material Selection
After payment, we begin the process of garment and material selection. Customers can either supply their own apparel or entrust us to select for them. If no specific apparel preference is given, we default to our high-quality standard garments. Should additional materials be essential to perfect your order, we ensure they are sourced at this step.

Step 5: Creation Process
Once we have everything we need, we'll start working on the custom apparel order. This includes setting up the design, preparing the materials, and initiating the embroidery or heat press service as requested. We take great care to ensure that all orders meet our high-quality standards.

Step 6: Quality Control and Packaging
After the creation process, we conduct a thorough quality control check to ensure the product meets the design specifications and is up to our high standard of quality. Once approved, the items are carefully packaged for shipping.

Step 7: Shipping
Finally, the finished custom apparel order is shipped to the customer. We will send an email with the tracking number so the customer can monitor the shipment.

In addition, you may also want to consider adding a return and exchange policy, a process for requesting changes or revisions, and a customer feedback process to your overall workflow. Having these in place will ensure you're prepared for a wider range of customer interactions and can contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Where Are You Located?

We are located in San Antonio, Texas

What Type Of Files Do You Accept?

All customers are required to submit a high quality PNG file for heat press or embroidery orders. If you do not have a PNG file, we will accept a high quality JPEG file, however, a logo conversion fee will be applied to your order.

What Is The MOQ?

At Senpai Productionz, we believe in accommodating orders of all sizes. While we don't have a strict Minimum Order Quantity, any order exceeding 2 pieces is considered a bulk order. Please note that bulk orders may have different pricing due to the increased quantity. Fill out the Custom Order form for specific pricing details.

Do I Have To Provide My Own Apparel?

No, by default, Senpai Productionz will provide the garments for your custom order. However, we understand the importance of choice and customization. In the "Garment Arrangement" section of our custom order form, you will find the options to:

  • Provide Your Own Garments
  • Order Specific Garments Through Us
  • Use Our Default Garments

If you have a preference or wish to exercise control over the type of garment used, simply select the option that best suits your needs.

Care Instructions

When washing garments purchased from Senpai Productionz please consider the following below:
  • Turn garment inside out.
  • Machine wash on cold.
  • No fabric softeners.
  • No bleach.
  • Tumble Dry on low.
  • Do not iron over design.